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After being together for 14 years Lynn and Marcia finally were allowed to make their love together ‘legal’ and official with the recent changes in law. They got married in the most breathtaking wedding venue Casa Oceana Malibu and I would have to write a separate Blog just to brag about Will, Mary and their daughter Chelsea, the owners of Casa Oceana. WHAT incredible people!
Everything at Lynn and Marcia’s wedding was perfect. I remember one time Lynn emailed me saying she was getting stressed because all wedding planning was going so smooth that it made her worried :) We immediately connected with Lynn and Marcia the day we met. Later, they invited us to their house to discuss wedding photography details and we found out how much in common we have: we each have a heart shaped stone from the beach that our beloved one found for us; Marcia’s name is often confused with the name MaRsha, my name Masha shares the same confusion; Marcia and Lynn picked the same wedding album we did; Lynn and I both have Candy Crush on our phones and play way too much… Maybe we can share the same therapist, its so hard to quit! I could go on and on, but its time to take a look at the story of their Big day…
Hair artist – If you ever need a hair artist, don’t look further! Juan Flores is a find! Not only he is a great stylist and hair artist, he is an amazing person who cares about other people and just a very kind human being!
Make up artist – Mandy Artusato is from Iceland. She was born and raised in fashionable city Reykjavik and her work speaks for itself. Highly recommend!
Wedding Venue – Casa Oceana Malibu THE Malibu wedding venue to celebrate at!
DJ Rene – great entertainment, great music, great sound (626) 202 4254

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