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I moved from Kiev Ukraine to Poland where I would get my masters in Languages but something just didn’t feel right while pursuing a new career in translating. A boss was selling an old Canon Rebel camera with beat up lenses and fatefully I said I would buy it. New worlds began to open up to me and because photography is so interpretive, I could now express myself through images that were unique to me. So I went to Photography School and made my love for photography official.

I should have known I would end up in a creative field because now I am following in my parent’s footsteps. My father is a painter/artist who restores old monasteries and paints churches. He gave me an eye for composition, light and color. His sense of creating something beautiful from any subject intrigues me always. My mother, a ballerina, traveled the world gracing theater stages for more than 30 years before retiring to teach her craft to future generations. She tried to instill in me a sense of grace, posture, discipline and beauty. I hope I carry this with me today. From each of them I gained a strong work ethic and a very deep sense of gratitude.

The world got much bigger through photography after shooting in Europe and now in the United States. It may sound strange but I feel a great responsibility when I aim a camera. It’s my way of saying thank you for having been given the chance to do something so wonderful.

I play the role of choreographer, creative director and storyteller. I work as a professional but sometimes cry like a child at a wedding because documenting the story of two people deeply in love who are beginning their next chapter is one of life’s most emotional moments. Our life is always about loving and being loved and there is nothing more beautiful to photograph.